Laurent Renier

Ph.D., Psychology.

Postdoctoral researcher, FNRS Belgium.


Research Interests :

  • My research works focus mainly on sensory substitution. In the framework of my PhD thesis at the Université Catholique de Louvain, I investigated the similitude existing between sensory substitution perception and normal visual perception. My approach consists in applying behavioural methods and functional brain imaging techniques (PET, fMRI) in a cognitive perspective. In the behavioural studies, I try to demonstrate the possibility to perceive pure visual phenomena (e.g. visual illusions, depth perception from pictorial cues) using a Prosthesis Substituting Vision with Audition (PSVA). In the neuroimaging studies, I investigate the neural networks involved in different kind of perception with the PSVA (e.g. 2-D form recognition, depth perception).
  • I’m also interested in studying

1) the impact of early sensory deprivation (mainly visual deprivation) on the cerebral development (cortical reorganisation related to early brain plasticity),
2) the late brain plasticity related to the acquisition of new cognitive abilities in early blind subjects and
3) the effect of vision and visual experience on several cognitive functions (e.g. perception, memory, calculation, etc.).

Main publications.

Keywords :

  • Sensory substitution
  • Early blindness
  • Brain plasticity
  • Visual illusions
  • Depth perception
  • Brain imaging

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Last updated : March 27th, 2007